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                    Use common sense

                    Pure cotton towel daily cleaning method

                    DATE: 2016-08-29      BROWSE NUMBER: 432

                    Many towels has benn used till nearly glabrous, is reluctant to change, is a frugal life habit, like a towel on the face or body feeling, people feel different, but relative to the relatively new, thick towels, shelter evil people and practices the volume is small, if can't often dry or towel disinfection, also can't say no with this towel.

                    Personal toiletries, in addition to the towel is the bath towel. Now many people like to use bath towel, after forming a habit, don't like bath towel, don't know if it is a kind of progress, with for the purpose of the towel, bath towel, don't cross is no cross contamination.

                    1, follow the care label, do not use hot water and excessively dry towel. To keep the towel is soft, use half of the recommended dosage of laundry detergent. Don't pour the laundry detergent directly on the towel. Because it may lead to laundry detergent residues on the towel, reduce its softness. It is recommended to use neutral detergent, don't rush to use chlorine bleaching characteristics of laundry detergent. Don't often use clothing fabric softener, avoid fabric softeners containing cassia resin, its composition will residual wax coating on the towel, reduce water imbibition.

                    2, separate washing, brunet with light color towel, wash towels, don't have a zipper, the content such as hook and button, it could undermine the towel coils. Don't mix to wash clothes and towel, towel hairs may be on clothing, damage the clothes.

                    3, drying towels, fully expanded, well ventilated, avoid damp towel breeding ground for bacteria. Another frequent washing towel would also reduce the service life of it.