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                    Use common sense

                    towels, three months for one time

                    DATE: 2016-08-29      BROWSE NUMBER: 422

                    Towel every day close contact with our body, it is the main component of cotton fiber is easy to shelter evil people and practices "", if the cleaning method is not correct, will become the pollution sources in the home.

                    Towel often touch someone's sweat, tears and discharge, as well as from the environment contamination of pathogenic microorganism, such as chlamydia trachomatis and staphylococcus aureus, neisseria gonorrhoeae and mould, etc., if you don't often wash, often bask in, a large number of bacteria in the towel, reproduction, use this towel to wipe the body, is likely to cause infection. Therefore, after use the towel to clean in time, it is best to use soap to wash once a day, and then baked in the sun.

                    Often appear such circumstance, towel used to harden after a period of time. This is mainly because the water dissociation of calcium and magnesium ions combine with soap, stick on the towel. In addition, the long time of bilge remain one of the reasons is harden. To prevent towel and hard, in addition to often clean, every once in a while in the water to join soap and water or alkali, boil towel for a few minutes; When boiled, towel should be completely submerged, avoid contact with air oxidation and the intensity of increase even embrittlement.

                    Moreover, towel with the number of times many, will also become greasy hair sticky and poor water imbibition, and to give away spoiled, more wash with soap instead more sticky. At this time, you can use the right amount of salt water after washing, with hot water, and then rinse clean with water, not only can make the towel to restore the original color, can eliminate odor.

                    Towel fabric, use time long, deep within the fiber aperture bacteria are difficult to remove, cleaning, drying, high temperature cooking can only control the bacteria in a short time, do not permanently remove bacteria. Long-term use of old towel, he would create opportunities to bacteria invasion. So, it is better to about three months for a new towel.